Medicatie ervaring (Engels)

“I would like to share my experience about Lucrine and having an uterus mioma. Now, when i passed through a surgery I realize how it is important to share any information with those who are still worried. Here it comes.

My Mioma grew very quickly, within a year, from 4 sm to 9 sm. I started to have very strong minstruation, really large, scaring me, chunks of blood and bleeding for almost 2 weeks. It was combined with bad mood swings, no sexual desire, uncertainty about travels, constant planning around it and wearing more safer cloths. It took me almost a year to decide to go through the operation. I was not confident  about a decision to cut uterus and have a cesarian in case i have a baby (i have a child wish). Every situation is different but in mine, i went through an assessment of  all risks at the current point in life and took a decision pre-discussed many times with my doctor.

Lucrine. I had to take Lucrine for minimum 3 months in order to make the mioma smaller and get ready for operation. The first shoot was done by my GP. Others two were performed by myself. It was easy. A nurse in hospital showed me how to do it and i did it myself. No pain. In order to avoid severe hot flashes (i was warned by my doctor), i was prescribed an anticontraceptive to mitigate the impact. I started taking a Livial. I must say that i enjoyed those 3 months. I had 2-3 hot flashes of 10 seconds each in early morning only and nothing more during the day. My mood was stable and i was behaving very adequate. Haha. Although,  i had a diminished sex desire, eventually i could live with it. In the first month everything was just normal, after second shoot, mioma usually grows bigger before it starts shrinking. It made me peeing more often and very little, but for only for 2 weeks. It was doable. Everything became normal again after these weeks. My mioma shrank from 9 to 5-6sm.

I was ready for operation. It went well. I  was walking myself home in 2 days, in 3 was cleaning, cooking and even threw away my xmas tree out of the window:). Overall, had tiny pain after the surgery and only due to CO2 gas. Warm pads help a lot to soften it down. Today is the 5th day. I had a slow walk outside after having removed my stitches at GP’s practice. I am still feeling weak and cant lift heavy things, but overall i became more positive, feeling more confident about myself and my life going forward. The most important is to stay positive no matter what and also to sport to keep your body healthy as much as you can, so it could help your speedy recovery. Good luck!”

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